Riverbank in the Tannery Yard

Tannery in the Tiny Village

"Portaan Nahkurinverstas", the Porras tannery, is located in idyllic small Porras village, the history of which is known since the 15th century. Several painters including Albert Edelfelt, one of the most famous painters in the Finnish history, have spent time in Porras and painted the beautiful sceneries of the village. Clean, narrow Turpoonjoki river flows through the village and also the "Häme Ox Road", which is the most significant road in early Finnish history, passes through Porras.

The tannery is located in the village center, just by the riverside of Turpoonjoki in the crossing of the river and the old route of the Ox Road. Until 1960's all traffic from Hämeenlinna to Turku passed the tanner's house just few meters away from the house wall, and then crossed the river. Today the old bridge near the tanner's house has been replaced by a pedestrian bridge from which there is a beautiful view to Turpoonjoki river.

On the opposite side of the river there is "Portaanraitti", the main road of the village along which the most significant houses of the village have been located for centuries. Nearby is situated also Mäkikylä area where most of the various craftsmen of the village used to live in small cottages in the 20th century. Today most of the buildings in the Mäkikylä area have been renovated and serve as attractive summer houses.

In the grounds of the tannery there are also two residential buildings where the tanner and the tannery's employees have lived. One of the buildings is currently used for providing accommodation services for our customers. In the verdant and sheltered yard of the tannery there are roses and several old perennials, such as poppies, peonies and different lilies blossoming during the summer months.

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In addition to Porras village there are a lot of historical places and especially beautiful sceneries also elsewhere in Tammela municipality. For example Liesjärvi and Torronsuo National Parks are both located only about 20-30 kilometres (12-18 miles) from Porras. Only about 10 km (6 miles) away from Porras there is Eerikkilä Sports Institute that provides possibilities for versatile sports activities.

Last updated: 13.4.2013