Traditional Firewood Heated
"Aito-kiuas" Sauna

The small traditional sauna at Portaan Nahkurinverstas can be hired for private use by small groups (recommended for about 10 people or less) or even by individual travelers.

In the sauna there is an old-style "Aito-kiuas" - meaning authentic stove - which is heated 4-5 hours with wood, by Nahkurinverstas personnel, prior to use. This special stove guarantees heat which is both intensive and soft at the same time. The experience in "Aito-kiuas" sauna is something between more typical wood heated Finnish sauna and so called smoke sauna.

Even though the sauna is old and traditional, there are modern shower facilities etc. In the connection of the sauna there is a spacious apartment for relaxation, including two bedrooms and a kitchen.

For those who are courageous enough, there is also possibility for wild swimming - both in summer and even in winter time in the freezingly cold water - in a small river which passes the Nahkurinverstas' yard.


The sauna is located in Finnish countryside, in tiny Porras village in Tammela, about 100 km from Helsinki.

The address is:
Portaan Nahkurinverstas
Kappelintie 26
31340 Porras (Tammela)

The best way to arrive is by car. When arriving by car and using navigator, please write to the address field "Kappelintie 26 Tammela".


The price for renting the sauna is
40 € (max. 3 hours, additional hours 10 € / hour)
+ 5 € / person.

Reservations and Inquiries

The sauna is in use throughout the year and can be hired at any time.

Reservations and inquiries by phone +358 (0)40 767 5928 or +358 (0)40 861 5555, or by email

Last updated: 14.12.2018