Unique Tannery Museum

Porras tannery - or leather factory - was established in early 1880's and nowdays it's presumably the only tannery museum in Finland exhibiting the tanning of late 19th century and early 20th century - and still remaining in its original location.

The area of the tannery building is over 500 square meters and the Porras tannery has been a middle size industrial building of its time in Finland. There has also been a relatively wide range of different machinery in the tannery, and a steam engine has been used for driving the machinery nearly from the beginning.

Especially rare and culturohistorically valuable the Porras tannery is because of the fact that in addition to the tannery building there is remaining also plenty of artefacts and some documents relating to the old tanning industry. All the machinery used in the leather manufacturing in the Porras tannery as well as the smaller tools of the shoemakers and saddlers are still in their old places in the building.

There is also the old steam engine "Voima" manufactured by a Finnish company Oy Vulcan Ab in the year 1910. The steam engine has driven at least nine machines in the tannery - such as sole leather rolling, grinding and polishing machines - and the excess steam has been used for heating the building. The steam engine has already been partially refurbished and the target is to repair both the steam engine and other machines so that it can be demonstrated how they have been used in the manufacturing process.

Additionally there are on view in the museum some pelts tanned in Porras as well as a few harnesses, shoes and other leather products manufactured there.

All this provides a possibility to learn to know the whole early leather industry process starting from the preparation of the skins for the tanning, and ending to the production of leather products.

Last updated: 2.11.2018