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100 Years of Leather Manufacturing

In the past centuries leather and different type of leather products were manufactured in the Porras tannery - or leather factory as it also was called on those days. The tannery was founded in 1880's by a tanner Mathias Ivar Mård who already at that time owned another tannery in nearby town Forssa. The manufacturing of leather and leather items - such as harnesses for horses and footwears - was continued for almost for a century.

During those years there were seven tanners who owned and managed the Porras tannery. When the last one of them, Eino Elo, retired in early 1970's the tannery was left nearly unused for several decades. However, all the machinery used in the tanning process as well as all smaller tools of the shoemakers and saddlers still remained in the building, in the same places where they had always been, just waiting to be discovered again.

After the long "Sleeping Beauty" phase the tannery sprang into the life again in the early years of the new millennium when the uniqueness and the cultural value of the building and especially its well-preserved equipment was realized. The machinery and tools were first documented and after that, in 2005, a thorough renovation of the building was started.

Last updated: 13.4.2013